Akar House Exhibition Space_ Beirut_ Lebanon_ 2012_ Concept Phase

In a city where heritage buildings are threatened, the fight for conservation has always found a way to manifest itself through poetry, theory, art, and architecture. The constant destruction triggered a pure intervention that celebrates nothing but the silence of the forgotten ruin. The project removes the approach of nostalgia by highlighting the extant as is, for the public to be aware. The concept builds on the composition of the ruin by further pronouncing its emptiness and creates a home for the current life that resides in it: the single Carob tree.

The intervention holds a dual character that functions in parallel. A public garden on the ground level above a carved exhibition space, with a peripheral skylight framing both spaces.

The entrance staircase presents itself as an urban incision separate from the house that invites the wanderer from the outdoors into a hidden body. The space exhibits pieces from the Akar family art collection. During the day, the exhibition promenade is coupled with the diffused daylight, while at night the garden enjoys an indirect light from the exhibition space, which animates it and the surrounding walls.


Concept Model_ Scale 1:25