Starch Boutique_ Saifi Village_ Beirut_ Lebanon_ 2014_ Complete
WINNER OF THE iF DESIGN AWARD 2015_ 4.02_ Interior Architecture_ Shops/Showrooms


To inhabit is to live in or occupy a space or environment. Yet, there is more to living within a space than merely existing. It is only when the inhabitant occupies a space in a particular way and under particular circumstances, that opportunities to rebuild the narrative of the space start to appear, turning what is mundane into events.


Based on the foundation’s ever-changing identity of designers, different entities start to invade a designed platform of possibilities. These current settlers seek to live within the space and begin to break from a frozen existence into a multitude of choreographed chapters, keeping the space alive and never dormant.

Different elements react within the limits of the space and become a family of inhabitants; a family that turns space into place, place into playground, and playground into starch. Starch becomes not only a store, but also a spatial installation that communicates with the year’s designers, while creating a surreal atmosphere of infinite identities.

Project Team_ Ghaith Abi Ghanem, Jad Melki
Photography_ Christian Moussa_, Basil Abi-Hanna

Fashion_ Atelier Jo Baaklini_, Timi Hayek_

Video_ Christian Moussa_

STARCH_ Concept Models_ 

STARCH_ Boutique Images_