Bou Assi Residence_ Aley_ Lebanon_ 2014_ Ongoing

Located on the hills of Aley, overlooking a wide panorama of the neighboring mountains, settles a living space projecting to the view yet deeply rooted to its steep inclined earth. It is a complex of homes and spaces, a residence and two apartments, on a 960m2 site. The compact program allows the project to target the duality of entities living together and yet apart. This is achieved by floating part of the project while anchoring the other, maintaining a balanced composition of mass and void. The residence and the two apartments form a complex of fragmented mute masses that reinforces a subtle neighborhood character and skyline. The masses are of the same finish yet each holds a simple feature of its own –the roof, the garden, and the cut. Together they achieve interconnected residences that hover above a grounded pedestal, which in turn connects to the residences vertically. The Architectural language of the project reduces the massiveness of the program through fragmentation which allows the privacy of all settlers.

Project Team_
Ghaith Abi Ghanem, Jad Melki, Arin Aprahamian, Yara Rahme

BA Residence_ Concept Models