173 Boutique Hotel_ Mar Mkhael_ Beirut_ Lebanon_ 2012_ Concept Phase

Plot 173 lies in the Mar Mkhael District, a new designers' hub, currently booming at the heart of Beirut city. With this transforming identity, the site was proposed to become an Artist’s Boutique Hotel that caters for both artists and hotel guests. This mélange of user groups creates a dynamic experience where art becomes a journey to anyone entering the space.

Having a boutique hotel accompanied by an artist hub, gave the opportunity of creating an architecture that disturbs the monotony of floors by forming a centerpiece, which contains the artists working spaces. Those working spaces made of copper become the sculpture extending the ground floor exhibition space up through its spine.

The strategy is to push the artistic attitude of the context through interlocking the two programs where the exhibitions and working spaces become the art installation themselves. The urban strategy on the ground floor responds to the surrounding open spaces and street and maintains smooth circulation for pedestrians. This clarity pushes the people inwards at ground level to find themselves within a long atrium that extends along all the floors of the building, and underneath the sculpture of artist’s workspaces, which altogether challenge the established spatial norms.

Concept Model_ Scale 1:50