Chakra House_  Kfarnabrakh_ Lebanon_ 2012_ Concept Phase

It settles on the ground & holds its character of being heavy in mass, pure in form and simple in treatment. It is shy and sits behind a blur of trees that cover its existence. It hints at nostalgia, resembling the old traditional Lebanese houses that flood the surrounding hills. When approached, the mass reveals a glimpse of its inside. It whispers of an intriguing core, through a crack along its mute, windowless facade and welcomes you through a door in that crack, behind which lies an experience yet to be revealed. Nature passes through. Two copper sheets break the mass, allowing nature to inhabit the privacy of the home. The sheets start from a simple groove, hug the internal elevations of the house where they become perforated and then hold part of the basement that gushes out onto the view. The break brings in wind and sun to the lower floors, and creates a court yard inhabited by a single ever-changing tree. The house grows, rusts, flourishes and dies while it waits for its residents to come again. A few times a year, the family members come home, and notice that the tree has turned brown, the copper feels more green, and the surrounding nature has taken over yet more and more.