Marine Awareness Center_ Ramlet El Bayda_ Beirut_ Lebanon_ 2012_ Concept Phase

Being the only public beach in Beirut city, Ramelt El Bayda has become a landmark of openness and serenity. With the objective of revitalizing this currently unmaintained stretch of land, comes a complimentary subtle architectural statement that is to be introduced underneath an existent hill at the edge of the site. The design’s program reflects its architecture, being a diving center for teaching, learning, and raising awareness to the public.

This project takes the characteristics of the mysterious sea and its fluid dynamics; it solidifies it and presents a raw hidden space that allows only for light to design it. The purpose of the diving center is to raise awareness about the fundamental issues that threaten the coastline of Lebanon. The divers themselves act as the main characters running the center, developing campaigns, exhibitions, and even events for cleaning and maintaining the shores of Lebanon. Creating domes was essential to the needed atmosphere where endlessness is achieved in a non-rigid space that takes you from dark to light, from passages to atriums, basing the orientation only on the coulisses.

Concept Model_ Scale 1:100