Projection Lines_ Dubai Design District_ Dubai_ UAE_ April 2015_ Complete

The project is a spatial installation that was set up during a design event in Dubai - "Meet D3" the activation and launch event for the new Dubai Design District_ April 02-04-2015_

The installation is a walk through that aimed at celebrating discovery, spatial construction and human curiosity within an 1.5m x 14m x 8m monolithic volume that sat in the middle of the happening.


D3, Dubai Design District. A purpose-built design district whose aim is to nurture emerging local talent and provide a home for the region’s creative thinkers.


"Meet d3" is a three-day community event open to the public, celebrating all things design. The event took place on the 2, 3, 4 April,2015 and featured a compelling program of art and design showcases, from both local and international artists and designers; unique retail experiences, food and beverage outlets, and a dynamic line-up of musical entertainment. All of this encompassed at the site of the Dubai Design District, and aimed to give the public a first taste of all the excitement to expect from d3 in the future.


The ‘Projection Lines’ installation, designed by Beirut based architecture and design studio GHAITH&JAD, presents itself as an interactive spatial experience within the Meet d3 event.

With their intervention, the architects aim to celebrate discovery, spatial construction and human curiosity though a space that never reveals its surreal path to anyone but those who go through it.The installation offers the visitors a moment of reflection amongst the happening and temporarily detaches the users from their surroundings, inviting them into a space of exploration. 


Designed with intrigue from inside and out, the installation stands as a mute element between the buildings of the newly designed district. With its exposed structure and its simple facades, the monument’s scale pushes the visitors to curiously discover what is inside its blind mass.
From inside it holds a ground of mystery where the visitors are invited to go through an experience that questions their sense of scale with light beams as their tool to construct the journey ahead. With every step the space unfolds, drawing the voided perspective with it’s projection lines.
The space always awaits the motion of a person to reveal its narrative of a million compositions... making it a performance space perceived through experience and not through documentation.


The installation had a great impact on those who experienced it and we wandered around listening to what people are saying and what are their reactions.
The intimidation of the black volume, the repetition of the scaffolding, the intrigue to know what is inside this corridor, the impact of the grid, the roof that looks endless, the sudden reveal of hidden lights, and the act of covering and opening them, the shadow play of silhouettes and figures, the playfulness of the sand, the similarities with dubai - the city that came out of the sand, the relevance to the sand storm that hit Dubai on the day of the opening, the silence within the happening... all concept that have been very present through people's thoughts, comments, and actions.

Project Team_
Ghaith Abi Ghanem, Jad Melki, Arine Aprahamian

Host_ Dubai Design District_
Event_ Meet d3_
Production_ Done Events_

Photography_ Hamza Sheikh_ The Aura Studio_
Special thanks to_ Design Days Dubai, Saadia Zahid, Sonu Ashok Balchandani, Helen Dale, Miguel Galvao, Hussein Al Najjar, Micheline Nahra, & Walid Nehme

Video Footage_ GHAITH&JAD _Hamza Sheikh_AURA Studio
Video Editing_ Christian Moussa_

Installation Model_ Scale 1:25_ Wood_ Concrete_ Sand_ Light_

Installation Model_ Scale 1:25_ Wood_ Concrete_ Sand_ Light_