Salt Pavilion_ Enfeh_ Koura_ Lebanon_ 2012_ Concept Phase

Skewed lines, intersecting planes, frosted lakes, grey skies. This is the shore of Enfeh’s salt pools that chase the cold sea and house skinny silhouettes scraping the infinite white. The Salt Pavilion is a project placed in a magical setting, and that was the key concept, keeping it humble and pure with the backdrop of the intersecting grid. The pavilion takes the lines of the grid, inhabits it and shelters it with a pure black canopy that hovers in the distance, allowing in light and maintaining a strong contrast with the white blanket underneath.

Enfeh’s Salt Factory is one of the few salt factories in Lebanon and it has not been used since 1990. The owners of the land chose to keep the salt factory with its pure pools of salt and create a pavilion within the premise. The project unfolds as a pure canopy stretched over the existing walls of the cemetery-like space. The mass took a framing longitudinal shape leaving a large courtyard of trees that echoes the purity of the canopy on top. Its thinness and mute character makes it practical in its tedious activity, yet timeless and daring in its context

Concept Model_ Scale 1:200